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Tambunan Village Homestay

Phone: Joanna Kitingan: +601 43580853 or +601 46555043

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Tambunan Village Homestay

Who they are

The Kadazandusun people originally held an animistic worldview populated by many spirits and their own god. They still maintain the traditions of women priestesses and have a system of ritual healing, however many of these traditions are changing due to many influences such as Catholocism. Today the Kadazandusun are mostly farmers and maintain rich celebrations in respect to their agricultural lifestyle. One such ceremony gives thanks to a bountiful harvest through the chanting by women priestesses paying respect to the “bambarayon” – the spirit of rice. The Kadazandusun people are very friendly and openly welcome travellers into their homes and way of life.

What they offer

- The opportunity to learn about the rich culture, music and language of the Kadazandusun people
- Jungle trekking to see and learn about the diverse environment from the great trees to the beautiful waterfalls.
- Go for a walkabout and gain an insight into the history of the Kadazandusun people during the headhunting days.
- Learn about the craft of using bamboo to make fences, fish traps and many other rattan products
- Join in and help the community with day-to-day activities such as rice planting, harvesting or collecting vegetables.
Please note: The homestay program can be tailored according to the interest and time available to travellers.


Please use the contact provided or find:
Joanna Kitingan, President of the Sabah Homestay Association at:
Sabah State Library Headquaters
Jalan Tasik, Off Jalan Gaya
88999 Kota Kinabalu
Sabah Malaysia

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What you need

- Mosquito repellent or mosquito net
- Torch
- Breathable t-shirt & pants (below knees)

Accommodation & Amenities

  • bed In our homestay program visitors stay with families and may have their own room or share with someone of the same gender. Beds are all single mattresses on the floor.
  • Most families have bathing facilities in their homes, but you may also use the river. Most bathroom facilities are in an enclosed space outside the home with flush toilets.
  • There is electricity in the village.
  • Travellers will be offered local cuisine cooked by their host families. If you have any allergies to certain foods, simply inform your host family so they can prepare appropriate meals for you.
  • Programs can be tailored to suit group interests and available time. Two example programs are: 2 day/1 night – MYR120.00 per person; 3 day/2 night – MYR240.00 per person.
  • Check out the current exchange rate MYR to USD

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