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Estrela Community Tours

E-mail: (Community tourism) (General inquiries)
Phone: +55 71 3322 3854 / 8228 7536

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Who they are

Estrela is a small British / Brazilian charity that seeks to advance education and inter-cultural understanding between Brazil, Britain and other countries, focusing benefit on disadvantaged youth and communities in North Eastern Brazil. To achieve this, they work primarily alongside local youth and community initiatives in Salvador.

What they do

Currently Estrela focuses their work alongside five key partners, all independent voluntary groups who carry out tremendous work to ensure positive change within the harsh reality of their neighbourhoods in Salvador:
E Squared Youth Theatre, Dance & Percussion Group (Alto do Cabrito)
A performing arts & citizenship initiative in a low income neighbourhood, working with children and young people to generate positive opportunity and learning.
Calafate Women’s Collective (San Martins, Salvador)
Set up by women in response to high levels of domestic violence, the collective addresses health, sexual and gender issues with girls and women and promotes income generation through fair-trading crafts and clothing.
Reprotai Youth Protagonist Network (Uruguai)
Part of a shanty residents´ association, now umbrellas a community pre-school, anti child-labour scheme, community bank, recycled crafts cooperative amongst other initiatives.

What they offer

Community tours:
Taking a community tour allows you the opportunity to really give back to Brazil, whilst also meeting its people, enjoying its riches and culture and understanding the reality of everyday life. Your visit will directly contribute to local community initiatives who seek positive change.
Tours are half day in duration (3-4 hours, including transport time from the city centre)
- Introduction, briefing and accompaniment with English-speaking tour leader and local community guides
- Community project visit and informal chat, hosted by young people and community leaders
- Neighbourhood tour with local guides to visit places and people of cultural interest
- Afro-Brazilian cultural activity or performance – dance, theatre, capoeira or samba
- Typical Bahian refreshments
- Return transport is available
Please note: 50% of the income generated from the tour directly supports the projects of the host community and 50% goes back into continuing Estrela’s charitable work in general.

Volunteer opportunities:
Estrela facilitates 3-6 month ethical volunteer placements with youth and grassroots initiatives in Salvador. They offer:
- Genuine direct & ethical contact with local community organisations
- The ability to match your skills to a local initiative which is seeking similar skills
- Setting up the placement, accommodation, facilitate communications & initial introductions
- Provide ongoing advice, local information, support and orientation
Please note: You will need to have a working knowledge of Portuguese (or of Spanish with basic Portuguese).


Associação Estrela Brasil
Rua do Sodré 444-1
Centro, Salvador – BA

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  • Cost is per person with transport included. Transport = Taxi / Car for up to 3 tourists + 1 bilingual facilitator or minibus for groups from 4 to 13 tourists + 2 facilitators.
    1 (No. of people): BRL 220;
    2: BRL 110.00
    3-4: BRL 100.00
    5-9: BRL 85.00
    10+: BRL 75.00
  • Check out the current exchange rate BRL to USD

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