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Mountains of Hope

Phone: +593 62 937487 (Ecuador) or +610-9676292 (USA)


Mountains of Hope work with the community of Pimampiro

Who they are

Mountains of Hope (MoH) is a not-for-profit providing opportunities for intercultural discovery, social service and creative expression by bringing benefits of quality education, the arts, ecological conservation and improved nutrition to the lives of children and community members. Through collaborative projects in sustainable community development, expressive arts, organic agriculture, improved teaching and caring for family and the environment, Andean peoples and project participants find hope and fulfillment.

What they do

MoH partners with schools and social service organisations to promote educational enrichment, global exchange and sustainable community development for the children and people of Ecuador. Creating a bridge of sharing and creative collaboration between communities in the US and Ecuador, MoH:

- Sponsors student groups and individuals in social service projects
- Is creating a community library and satellite libraries in rural villages
- Sponsors education for girls in a textile trade school
- Supports needy families and orphans
- Promotes organic agriculture programs and tree planting
- Produces and donates educational games to schools
- Offers teacher training workshops and donates teaching aids
- Resents classes in creative arts and puppetry including special summer art camps

What they offer

IntiJourneys sponsors quality tours oriented towards community service for groups, compassionate individuals and partners in sustainable development. Facilitating an authentic, in-depth experience of the people, culture and ecology of Andean Ecuador.

MoH involve Andean organisations, schools, youth and community leaders in the planning process. This collaboration enables IntiJourney participants to experience a genuine sharing and to take part in a project that will have a sustainable impact on the community. This also gives the community involved the benefit of a valuable learning experience both in organising the project and in working with IntiJourney to fulfil it.

Involvement in community development projects, creative workshops and educational field trips can be designed to fit an individual or group’s focus, such as: ecological, sociological, educational, anthropological, agricultural, botanical, artistic or musical. MoH staff will work with you to create a customized meaningful journey.

The following is a sample list of possible daily activities and projects:
- Introductory workshop presenting the unique agrarian culture of Pimampiro, with a focus on identifying its many valuable and sustainable qualities of life for the Andean peoples.
- A field-trip to rural environs of Pimampiro and Pre-Inca archeological sites and a llama cooperative.
- An excursion to Guagala and the MoH Organic Retreat Center, a mountain community and family farm cultivating organic produce, medicinal herbs and promoting a sustainable Andean life-style. Includes a tour of the gardens and a full-course delicious meal.
- Participation with FODI or Amor a la Vida, the regional pre-school child development programs, visiting and working with children in rural villages utilizing puppetry, story telling, music, art and games.
- Community service project such as the painting and improvement of a day-care center, preparation and planting of a community seed bank garden, planting conservation trees, building a playground, etc.
- Art or music cultural exchange workshop with local youth, followed by volleyball and soccer games.
- Presenting a teacher training workshop that includes donations of essential educational materials.
- Teaching/instructing in a classroom setting and giving a lecture on a specific area of expertise.
- Demonstration workshop of local artisan weaving, knitting, embroidery and handicrafts including a crafts bazaar.
- Enjoy the regional farmers market, indulge at the hot-springs and celebrate a special evening of Andean music and dance

Where does the the money go?
Part of the total`cost for each IntiJourney covers community planning, research and orientation, materials and communication, and valuable contributions to partner organizations, communities and schools for project support; in essence creating the infrastructure that enables you to make a meaningful difference.


Pimampiro, Ecuador

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What you need

- Sun protection
- Sun glasses
- Warm clothes
- Comfortable shoes for walking
- Hat and gloves
- Rain jacket

Accommodation & Amenities

  • bed There is motel accommodation with normal bathing and sleeping facilities and homestays with families.
  • Hot showers are available at the motel, cold water bathing in mountain communities.
  • There is electricity
  • You can expect substantial and traditionally prepared meals. Pimampiro is known for its excellent soups, chicken, corn, potatoes, quinoa and vegetables. MoH arranges for their sponsored family organic farm to supply clean, fresh fruits and vegetables. Quality catering for the group is arranged for most meals. Please advise of any special dietary needs.
  • Accomodation cost is between US$8.00-$15.00 per day. The average cost per day is between US$25.00 – $40.00 depending on what you decide to do. This will cover food, lodging, transport, project costs.

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