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Solar Panel

The video below visually explains how to build a solar panel and a solar power system easily and cheaply.

This information was produced by Robert Smith

What you will need

- 36 Solar Cells
- 60ft. of Tabbing Wire
- 15ft. of Bus Wire
- Rosin Flux Pen
- Tube/Roll of Solder
- Good Soldering Iron
- 2×4 Pressure Treated Plywood or Marine Grade Plywood
- 2×4 Plexiglass
- 2×4 Pegboard
- (two) 1×2x10 Pressure Treated Plywood or Marine Grade Plywood
- Sander and Sand paper
- Staple Gun or Stapler
- UV Protector Sealant
- Paint Brush or Roller
- Transparent Silicone
- Caulk Gun
- Digital Multimeter
- Crimping Pliers
- 2 Wiremold Strips
- 20 Gauge Copper Wire (Red and Black) – Large Roll
- Tile Spacers
- Mending Plates
- Power Drill
- Drill Bit
- Vapor Barrier – Ex. Slygard 184 or EVA

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